Our teachers

Our teachers are all recruited from native English-speaking countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, and South Africa. Using native speakers offers students the best quality English, both spoken and written.

Davids' Mother

"I still remember that when David arrived at Real English Academy, he was the youngest student in the school. There was always a bit of timidity in his eyes. When he first saw the foreign teachers, he was a little curious and a little scared. He didn’t dare to approach them, but the teachers always gave him a passionate eye, and continued to encourage him, and over time he has vastly improved. Now he's deeply gratified to be involved in the class and every time goes to class with excitement and passion.
During the year of study at Real English Academy, David was able to broaden his horizons and establish correct values ​​in his studies. Especially in dealing with people, he learned to be inclusive and understanding and was able to make new friends. As a parent, I am very happy to see the progress of David at Real English Academy. I hope that this progress is only the beginning and that it can continue into the new semester so that he can meet the expectations of the teachers. Finally, I would like to thank Real English Academys teachers for their care and encouragement to David!"

Real English Review Parent


Our course curriculum is based on textbooks from Oxford University Press. Our classes are structured as follows:

Class Sizes

We teach small classes of 12 students or fewer, so students can completely rid themselves of the curse of "English is Dumb”

Fun Learning

We make learning fun for all students, so that all can enjoy the process of discovering and learning English.

Teaching System

We have adopted the quality ECS Teaching Service system to ensure each student improves after each class

Evaluation System

We have adopted the professional RETS evaluation system, so students can pass each stage

English friends

Students will learn to communicate with and become friends with other students and their ESL teachers. Communication with the world begins with the courier Real Global Communication

Our belief is that education is people-centered. Language learning is a way of life and affects the behavior of all human beings. We take our role of encouraging students to learn about Western culture and language very seriously – but make sure to have fun while doing so!

It is difficult to learn a new language after acquiring a mother tongue; therefore we aim to teach children starting at age 4 to help them to truly develop their English language skills.

The benefits of the Real English approach:

Life skills

Learning English as a useful living language, so that English is not just a subject


Mastering authentic English pronunciation and overcoming Chinese pronunciation patterns

Real English

Cultivating and strengthening thinking in English and do remove the obstacles Chinese face learning and applying English

Learning methods

Using the content- and language-integrated learning method to combine language learning with practice


Enabling students' to raise their English ability from CEFR (common framework of European languages) Pre A to C2 (the highest for IELTS)

English ability

Comprehensively learning English: listening, speaking, reading and writing, to cultivate students’ comprehensive abilities

Great teachers

Helping students enjoy the learning process through interesting, lively interactive teaching

Improvement through practise

Encouraging students to speak English and interact with one another in their new language


Offering a wealth of recreational English themed activities, so students can fully live their new language

Examination process

Utilizing a professional and accurate examination system to test the students' oral and written proficiency before, during and after their studies

Children’s English (4-6 years old):

Curricula: Oxford™ Nursery class; First Friends™ series

Content: ABCs, spelling, words, sentences, ballads, values

CEFR level upon completion: N/A

Children’s English (7-11 years old):

Curriculum: Oxford™ Children's class; Family and Friends™ Series

Content: Dialogues, reading, writing

CEFR level upon completion: PRE-A – B1 level

Teen English (12-18 years old):

Curriculum: Cambridge™ English, Chinese in Mind™ Series

Content: Discussion of current topics, English communication, Western worldview

CEFR level upon completion: B1-C1 level

Adult English:

Curriculum: Cambridge™ English, Interchange™ series

Content: Daily dialogue, practical communication, self-help

CEFR level upon completion: A1-B2 level

Wherever possible, teachers will seek to integrate math, art, science, natural sciences, social studies, social Sciences, geography and other interdisciplinary knowledge to expand vocabulary learning and usage contexts.

Real English Academy was established in July 2012. We are a professional foreign language training institution approved and certified by the Zhanjiang Education Bureau.

Real English Academy has provincial qualifications for hiring and employing foreign professional teachers approved by the Foreign Experts Authority of Guangdong Province.

Our Sino-US joint international management team is oriented to the traditional native English speaking countries, recruiting, interviewing and training professional foreign teachers. Real English only employs teachers with the following qualifications:

  1. Citizen of native English-speaking country recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Education (United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, and South Africa)
  2. 4-year bachelors degree in any discipline

One or more of the following

  1. TEFL or TESOL certification
  2. Two or more years teaching experience.

What we offer our staff

  • Workload: Depends on contract (22-30 teaching hours per week)
  • Legal Z-Work visa, Residence Permit and Foreign Expert Certificate
  • 10000 RMB base salary (22 teaching and 2 office hours per week)
  • 8000 RMB contract completion or renewal bonus
  • 80 RMB/hour for teaching overtime
  • Free single-occupancy furnished apartment
  • Free Mandarin Chinese or Cantonese (or both!) lessons per week

Life in Zhanjiang

Zhanjiang lies at the southernmost tip of the Chinese mainland, located between tropical Hainan Island and the economic powerhouse of the Pearl River Delta. Zhanjiang is famous throughout China for its seafood – the freshest available, fruits, and year-round mild sub-tropical climate. From 1898 to 1946, Zhanjiang (then known as Fort Bayard) was the administrative seat of the French colony of Guangzhouwan. Art Deco and colonial architecture from the French period can still be found in the Chikan district of Zhanjiang.

In Zhanjiang, eating and drinking on verandas overlooking the bay is way of life! Seafood is fresh, fabulous and ubiquitous. Come and experience a new life in China at the Real English Academy! The city and beaches are waiting for you!

Nearby Tourist Attractions include:

  • Zhanjiang Offshore Islands – local beaches and resorts
  • Chikan – Unrestored French colonial architecture
  • Beihai – China’s winter playground and burgeoning beach resort
  • Kaiping – UNESCO World Heritage Site with 18th-20th century castles and fortifications known as Diaolou
  • Luofu Mountain Scenic Area – One of the 10 sacred mountains in Chinese Taoism
  • Seven Star Crags – Rocky outcrops rising abruptly from a placid lake in Zhaoqing City
  • Danxia Mountain – A UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site